Breeding trick or way of conducting catfish’s fish for that matter simple enough to be done gets Because by anyone and wherever, really correctness if some people there is that opines be since catfish’s fish fishes out that adaptive. If you want to try to breed fish for catfish can see out your guidance and its procedure hereunder. Why fishes out Including fish catfish adaptive roomates? since fish catfish waters can adapt at whichever environment.

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But despite such, if we want to do the catfish’s fish breeds or conducting even better fish catfish’s us know the order or catfish’s conducting tech event beforehand, since it will result impacted on a stop to the catfish’s breed or conducting that process.

In other words, if we want to get the maximum result of conducting a self-acting mean we shall carry on the catfish’s conducting this step with as useful as possible (are not perfunctorily). As one I have once experienced some rearward years, since its reducing hits to make the information point and also breed fish catfish’s conducting this event it restrains therefore result from maximal word. In consideration therefore be appended laconic it is I will try various information how tech or breed catfish’s way and conducting fish that get maximum end product.

Way conducting this guidance stemmed fish catfish’s book that gets the title of “CATFISH” one wrote by Indriyadi Hastoro. But I rewrite add a word with myself for the purpose so more perspicuous.
Guidance Way’s Fish breeding catfish or catfish’s Fish Conducting
A. Location and media for conducting catfish to fish out

A high location for conducting catfish to fish out at lowland until the plateau region (about 700 m asl). Meanwhile the ideal temperature for life to fish out catfish among 25 28 ° C.
For larval growth among 26 to 30 ° C.
On spawning’s terms among 24 28 ° C, and for zooming acidity (pH) pool water ranging from 6.5 to 9.
There is a zoom event hardness (degree kasac items) optimal maximum 100 ppm and 50 ppm.
Water muddiness (turbidity) one that will Because of Boggy among 30 to 60 cm, to measure it that can mnggunakan sicchi tool is the so called disc.
Then rate of oxygen (O2) to fish out adult catfish until saturated 0.3 ppm for seed / catfish’s child. CO2 content shall less than 12.8 mg / liters on 25 ° C temperature and ammonium’s waters is tied-up from 147.29 to 157.56 mg / l.

Although catfish’s fish comprises adaptable fish at environmentally minimal water condition, bad quality, feculent, mess and little bit of oxygen, but to look after the catfish’s fish quality and maximal conducting result advisable pool water for preserve better is not most contaminate by waste that dangerously.

B. Breeding fishes out catfish
In carries on conducting, nursery’s very important phase and have been gotten with every consideration Things square.
1. Catfish’s parented preparation
Male parent and female parent marking
Marking its manly catfish:

Smaller head measure
Chest or darker skin color basic body appealed by the female parent
Urogenital papilla (genital) rather bulging (tapered) memenjang towards the back. Lie behind the anus and redding chromatic
Its movement is lively
Bone wind carries the rather short and squash / flat (depress)
Slender more belly
If belly whop at manually stripping of bellying toward number, will turn white viscous liquid issue (spermatozoa; sperm)
Ground catfish parented more than female skin.

Lele’s hallmark is its female characteristic:

Measure the wind carries to be even greater
Chest skin color or brightness rather basic body
Urogenital papilla (genital) almond-shaped (round-leaf), florid chromatic, its hole is slightly broad, and lie is after anal
Its movement is slowgoing
Bone wind carries the rather short and curve
Puff belly and soft
If at stripping manually belly whop whop of belly towards the tail, yellowish liquid will issue (ovum / egg is)
Its skin is rougher than red blooded catfish

catfish’s parent that is chosen has enough age. Catfish is local while adult begins 6 8 months old. This at the age, wight warms up local catfish Reaches 100 g. African catfish Reaches for two or Thrice it (200 – 300g). Its mean, this parent at the age of catfish can spawn. Besides, vote for the which have long surrounding the parent body of 20 50 cm.
For conducting, catfish’s parent ought to result comes from conducting already get use by pool life.

2. Spawning’s pool preparation
A basic part and advisable pool made ​​by a permanent wall. Enables Otherwise, preserve catfish spawning and can be done at soiled pool or walled pool with base soiled. Base inclination soiled pool is made ​​about 5 10 degrees.

‘s spawning pool Consisting of two bodyworks, the which is shallow part (70%) and Wallow (30%). A part Wallow pool is made ​​at the middle part with 50 to 60 cm depth. This Wallow functioning as haven it while venting parent’s pool.

In spawning catfish, on the side pool needs to be made ​​ready by nesting’s den. spawning font’s interior needs to be completed by den as a fairish groundless box of wood (25 x 40 x 30) cm as spawning’s den.

Den upper box given by the hole and close to see sense marks egg in den. In the meantime, few dark den box frontage. Den also needs given by the fibers and the media place spawning gravel as egg’s result.

Other than wood box, den spawning can also at makes from stone pile smolders, plastic pail’s, or another ex bar. As untapped as, den box shall lie in hygienics condition. Therefore, it is clear den by Utilizes water washes, then flushes by 40% formal or KMnO4, then flushes by fresh water and dry.

3. Spawning
Spawning can be done by two tricks, the which is spawning and spawning is brand experiences (injection / hipofisasi).
Spawning’s experiences in this process there is two tricks the which is, Coupled Mass spawning and spawning, but logged to it I will just inform spawning coupled only.

The catfish spawn is sepenjang year. Spawning at its most happening coincides with the rainy’s coming season, rainy season is sepenjang until dry season transition. Along its life, conducting parent’s catfish that can spawn until 15 times. Maintained catfish parent with every consideration will spawn once each 2 3 months and will go on until spawns 5 years old.

Up to 10 days, since the parent of implicatly was inserted to go to the spawning’s pool, a high pool water that is inserted just one bounds of Wallow surface (30 – 60cm). on 10th day 20, the pool water is raised until 10 15 cm (closes until nesting’s den), and weft application is discontinued.

Denagn is this conduct, in the period of 10 days next parented that will spawn and spawns in den available. More or less the next 24 hours, the egg will hatch, seed can make a abode to lie deep parented or maintained separate nurture seedling’s deep pool (the nursery’s pool).

coupled Spawning
Spawning is coupled style not far in contrast to spawning experiences. In contrast just lays in the spawning pool measure that’s needed. spawning pool’s font or style coupled gets at makes from cement or terrazzo with size 1m x 1m or 1m x 2 m. as spawn’s place, the pool needs to be completed by spawning’s den on its interior.

After spawning’s pool available, diffuse a couple of deep font parent already be filled of water as high as 25 cm vicinity. Condition of water advisabling to flow and diffusion advisable to be done on hits 14:00 16:00. Let the parent up to 5 days and 10 wefts give intensively. Entering the day 10 days, a couple have this parent usually spawn, spawn, and incubate its egg is in the period of 24 hours. Good that are rust colored egg sunny.

catfish’s children already hatches and be still little (larval stage) can give beruapa’s nature weft water bugs or larvae is wiggler. After its measure wax. Child catfish can give worms and dropped egg yellow.

4. Hatch
Egg hatch can be done by two tricks, the which is:

hatched at seedling / nursery’s pool
Let to hatch by nature at den that exists on spawning’s pool.

trick 1
Available steps the which is sailed through if the egg is petted in seedling’s pool (the nursery’s pool), the which is:

Shortly egg issues so spawning is finished.
Look out for that egg is intensively seedling’s deep pools (nursery’s pool).
Larval growth among need pool water temperature 26 to 30 ° C.

trick 2
If let lies deep is its parent upbringing, let’s egg hatches and seed separation with parented being done step by step.
There is even a parent and seed separation did by following step.

While seed is one week old, comes to pieces shortly female parent of the pool and let the stud living at pool look after its children.
After 2 weeks old, come to pieces progeny of male parent. Hereafter, the put for tillers of catfish den and carries over seedling’s pool (nursery).

To gather the seed, Earlier venting one’s pool water until bounds of Wallow. Hereafter, seed is streamed through a pipe and fry catfish expenditure already being Carried over by pool nursery can be petted intensively.

C. Seed amplification
After hatches, spawning is yielding seed needs to get extra attention and intensive preserve. This intensive preserve expected mortality can press seed and seed growth Become makes more quick.
weft application

On 1st day until 3rd, catfish’s seed not necessarily been given affix weft Because still have egg yolk bag (yolk sac) one that is taken in since hatching.
4th day until Sunday 2nd final, seed was given by zooplankton, the which is daphnia and Artemia what does contain a protein 60%. Its dose 70% biomass’s times everyday. Two weft experience this type were given 4 times one day. Weft at inclusion place around diffuse water (inlet).
Approximately 2 3 days draw near zooolankton’s application weft ends, catfish’s seed bit by bit introduced with weft gets to form flour that contain a protein 50%. That gets as weft flour mixture of egg yolk, flour shrimps, and few nestum’s pap. To inure on that new weft, weft shaped flours be given about 10 zooplankton’s 15 minute before application.
Sunday DRD, flour weft is given as much 43% of the biomass’s times everyday.
Fourth Sunday, flour weft is given as much 32% of the biomass’s times everyday.
Sunday to five, feed all’s flour weft as much 21% x biomass everyday.
Sunday sixth, the seed was given by weft as floating pellets.

Separating and amplification
catfish’s seed preserve is done at seedling’s pool (nursery) by passes through the nursery’s three steps, the which is the nursery 1, 2, 3.
nursery’s pool 1 is utilized to measure nurse Reaches its seed until about 1 cm 3. nursery’s pool as density to seed size among 60 100 as this number / m².

Hereafter, seed size 3 cm this was petted more on seedling’s pool 2 until its age Reaches 21, 30 days and its length is around 5 6 cm. Seed size as as this gets to be petted by back in seedling’s pool 3 or can also be sold as seed.

Maintained as untrammeled as seedling’s deep pool (the nursery’s pool) step 3 until its age on 35 45 days, long warms up catfish has reached 10 15 cm. Seed size as big as this will nimble magnified if maintained deep pool.

Although breeding trick guidance and catfish’s fish conducting this so laconic, but divides you who want to begin catfish’s breed or conducting, guidance information upon previous hopefully so value added for you and hopefully as information roomates utilitarian, but divides you who want to get more complete event info please to read its books.

You can also read the blog post in advance at this with title:
Weft Natural and artificial fish for catfish’s
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Source: Book gets the title “CATFISH” one wrote by Indriyadi Hastoro and is published o Media dynamics.
Pictured source: http://framework. LATimes. com /

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Molly Fish Pet

Molly Fish Pet

Balloon molly fish grown almost similar to the fish cooks, so many lovers of ornamental fish breeds a molly fish is in the tank until it grows up.

Molly Fish PetTo find out how molly fish farming, below:
spawning techniques

Pick a relatively large-sized aircraft, bulging body shape and have a beautiful color

Parent-parent that have been incorporated in the tub for a few pairs of parent. But if want certain breeds can also be done by separating the attached separate tub-pairs.

Spawning tanks must be controlled every day. After birth, the children must hasten fish were taken and separated from the mother to avoid being eaten by its parent.

The characteristics of the male and female parent
Male parent:

Having gonopodium (a bulge behind the pelvic fins) which is a modified anal fin length.
She was slender
The color is brighter.
Longer dorsal fin.
His head is rather large.

Female parent:

Behind the pelvic fins no gonopodium, but a delicate fins.
His body fat
Warnanay less bright
Usual dorsal fin
Somewhat pointy head

seed treatment

Children newly born fish do not need food, because they contain egg yolk (egg yolk). After 4-5 days the child can be given a new fish food such as water fleas that have been filtered, or boiled egg yolk and destroyed.

After reaching medium size (2-3 cm) can be given worm food, then after reaching adult size (5-7 cm) can be enough good food.

In addition to natural foods can also be given additional food in the form of dried worms, jelly dl.

Feeding should be 2 times a day, hendaknay do not overdo it, because it can cause decay which can damage water quality.

Replacement water. The water in the tub or tank janagn up dirty / muddy, as it may cause the death of a child fish. Dirt can be cleaned every 2-3 days with disiphon way, water is wasted at the time penyiphoanan sebanayk 10-20% may be replaced with new water.

Decorative Fish Charm Beauty Hickey

Decorative Fish Charm Beauty Hickey

Thanks you keep visiting this blog ornamental fish, ornamental fish many articles that have been shared on this blog like:

Decorative Fish Charm Beauty HickeyDECORATIVE FISH BELIDA, Sculpting Color batikan Oskar Ornamental Fish, Ornamental Fish Potential World Master and
How Raising Freshwater Ornamental Fish and
About Ornamental Koi Fish, Arowana Fish, ornamental fish to Business

and ornamental fish are still around this time blogikanhias will share information about the hickey DECORATIVE FISH CHARM BEAUTY

Ornamental fish Betta fish are very well known by the public, especially children, because these fish besides apparently pretty can also be an interesting Tentera when pitted. This fish is also often called fish and game is a Latin name Betta splendens, included in the family Anabantidae (Labirynth Fisher).

How to breed these fish developing eggs by laying eggs and attached to a substrate such as plant roots, leaves or fibers rapia. The steps you need to know:

Pick a good parent and a pretty manly and aggressive. Separate the male parent and a female parent and fed enough for 4 to 5 days. Insert the male parent and a female parent spawning depth (jars, aquariums, buckets, basins) which has given water plants (water hyacinth or rapia fibers with a water depth of ± 25 cm).

After 2-3 days the eggs will be seen attached to the leaf or rapia. Move the females and fed in moderation. During 2-3 days the fry are not fed because there is still a supply of yolk in the body. For 2-3 days, then the children of the fish need to be fed infosuria for 3 days then fed filtered water fleas for 10 days and after that can be given without filtered water fleas.

HOW Fish Breeding MAS Comets

HOW Fish Breeding MAS Comets

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HOW Fish Breeding MAS CometsAnd for this article time this blog will share about:

Ornamental fish breeding HOW Comets

In the world of fish farms comet occasionally some lay people who do not know how such a simple farming people who have a comet goldfish. Type comet goldfish actually have in common with regular goldfish for food as well as having the same species with goldfish having short stature and body fat.

How a comet goldfish breeding can be described below can help some ornamental fish owners comet like the one above can be bred easily with a simple media.

The guidance here comet goldfish breeding:
The first step that needs to be done to distinguish comet goldfish breeding male and female sex, easy enough comet goldfish has a male sex posture rather thin and long, but the females have great posture and a little short along with fat.

Comet goldfish that has been prepared in inbred yes it goldfish swimming with each other very often imitate smb. ‘S movements-tail, ie, the tail of the male fish to female fish. 2nd step is to separate a pair of fish that often do activities described above into a container large enough, like tau tub pond, with no record of the other fish that live in the pond, then the pond give plants water hyacinth as an example mumps. let in most nights until the fish can fertilize her eggs in the roots of the water hyacinth.

Move to the next step-2 parent already fertilized egg. then let the eggs until they hatch, generally hatch within 3 days.

If it has hatched, let the seeds do not eat fish because of the comet remains inside the seed rejuvenation system, then the next day red boiled eggs give food for the next 2 days, but remember give enough can cause damage due to water quality, after the third day give water fleas feed

Perform the matter until large enough, then change the type of feed the fish if it has enough pellets to eat the fish pellets.